Today’s Depiction

Gone are the times,

When pictures cherished memories.

Now they are customary,

Yet moments are forgotten.

The aromas that once gladdened us,

Have consigned to oblivion,

And relishes are buried in agile.

May the delight fill back in place,

And may the custom be forgotten.

Smile wider, laugh louder,

Before we grab a click to add on,

To a hundred stories on Instagram.

Happier are the moments,

When the drills are bygone. 🌸



Crying inside me are the rattles,

That has shaken me in the past.

I have walked past the ruffles,

Into my own island, with haste.

I was over it, have found me back,

Brought me home, kept me warm.

Things appear toppled to me now,

Tired of battling with self, at this time.

Could see me falling apart again,

But no reason, for now, I see.

Growing in me is the rage,

That was left forgotten once.

I find the despicable ones,

Heading to me, with a dagger.

They leave me no good,

They leave me no tranquil,

They ain’t gonna leave me alone.

Cluttered I stay, in my own thoughts,

Bestrewed in my own trashes.

Help me find my way to myself,

The melange has subdued me,

And I find no way for me.

A Confession to Self

Have I been so ambitious,

That I have lost my way,

To my dreams that were all?

Have I been so committed,

That I have lost the ones,

Who loved me once?

Have I been so sincere

That I am locked up

In the justice of my own creation?

Have I been in love,

That I have lost myself,

In my own battle?

I woke up from nothingness,

Into the pale hues of reality,

Drifting away from my reverie,

Succumbed to my devastation.

But I proclaim to myself,

To fix upon what I am.

Let the naysayers and critics

Do their part.

But I shall not stop

Until my heart needs a stop.

I let go of the things,

That was not mine.

And walk forth,

Until my heart needs a stop.


Barged into me bits of broken trust,

And condensed to agony and mistrust.

A bashful neophyte took birth in me,

Exasperated and insisting me to move on.

But I settle to live with a soul broken,

Seal my heart with molten iron.

Not to feel strange about it,

About being in places, where I am supposed to be.

The whole ordeal built in me,

an unwavering strength of patience.

I have destined myself to forget all senses,

Those senses have marked its presence,

But unsolicited in everyone’s lives.