Have we all succumbed to the Digital trauma?📱

Have we all succumbed to the Digital Trauma? I mean, have we lost control over ourselves that we cannot manage an hour of the day without our smartphone?

I would call it trauma, that is more fatal than physical ones because you would never know its impact until you have lost yourself to it and you want to come out of it but not able to find a way out. It is like a slow-growing benign tumor, that is initially outside you but gradually get into your body and suddenly turns malignant. I think the 21st Century has already fallen prey to the digital world and cannot find their ways out of it. And I strongly suggest, it’s high time to get out of it before it becomes more fatal.

I could see the kids, even the toddlers refusing to take their feeds, without a cartoon or a smartphone in their hand. I could see kids of two or three years of age grizzling for an iPhone X. I could see The elders chastise them and they go back to their phones pretending to be working, checking emails for hours together.

The World mental health day is observed on October 10. In 2018, the theme put forth by WHO was ”Young people and Mental Health in a Changing World”. The expanding use of online technologies, while undoubtedly bringing many benefits, can also bring additional pressure, as connectivity to virtual networks at any time of day and night grows. Young people living in these situations are particularly vulnerable to mental distress and illness, they say.

Everyone in a house is alone. All settle down to the posts on Instagram, see what their friends share. Some are into pornographic videos, the greatest destruction that one causes to oneself because it eats you up and you wouldn’t know. This has been causing the widest devastation in the digital world and there is no control over it. Some would settle into News, some to any of the other posts which absolutely makes no sense, but apparently, have taken the place of most authentic resources ever. This is yet another malediction to the society that people tend to believe that hypertension, Diabetes, and Cancer do not exist and they are creations of doctors and the pharmaceutical industry if the social media says so. What if they say Pregnancy does not exist? Would people go in favor of that as well?

It’s high time that we change this situation. Let us not give our precious free time to our smartphones but to our hobbies that have parted ways probably long back that we have forgotten them.

Keep your hobbies alive.

Your heart would be at peace if your leisure time is taken over by your hobbies rather than your smartphones. Your hobbies have even more power than anything else that shows up in Social Media. Go out talk to your friends and family or ring them up for a positive impact. Play till you sweat. And live your life to the fullest.

Thank you for reading 🧡

10 Things that You must Know If You are a Short -Tempered Person

Have you felt over exhausted and losing your patience very often? Do you feel like being separated from your friends, family, and colleagues? Here are a handful of things you must know about what is going on in your body when you are angry or stressed out.

Anger is one of the human emotion that gets expressed in its weirdest form. We, at times, lose control over ourselves and speak things that we have never intended to. What if this happens to you very often? You might be separated from your dear ones, your words and actions may be misinterpreted.

5 Physiological changes that happen within your body when you are angry.

    Your flight and fight response comes into play. This response is controlled by the catecholamines that come from a gland over your kidneys called the adrenal gland. This hormone is responsible for all changes that happen within your body when you are angry and stressed out.

    Your Blood pressure goes up. This happens because the hormones secreted have the property of narrowing your blood vessels and increase your blood pressure whenever you are stressed.

    Your blood glucose levels go up. The hormones that have come into play breaks down your glycogen storage in the body and release plenty of glucose into your blood.

    The mobility of your digestive system gets altered. There is a change in the blood supply that occurs when your adrenaline (catecholamine) have come into play. They transfer more blood into your muscles and reduce the blood supply to your gut. This reduces the motility of your gut, and it can result in constipation.

    You tend to sweat more. This alters your water and electrolyte balance. Your urine output may be affected and by and by your kidneys may get compensated.

This list carries even more. The people at higher risk of cardiovascular diseases are the ones with type A personality, who are more aggressive and workaholic. You may even suffer from insomnia attack as the hormone increase your alertness and prevents you from sleeping.

So here you have now found why your behavior is a problem and you desperately need a solution. Here are a few of them that you could try, and you will find better results.

    If you are angry with something, and you cannot control your emotions, just walk away from the scene, or make excuses to find some time alone. (e.g Can I use the restroom? This is the best one and easy to recollect.)

    Take deep breaths. The hormone, adrenaline can make you hypoxic, a condition in which the oxygen in your blood goes down. Taking deep breaths can make you feel better.

    Sit for a while( or you may even lie down if conditions permit). Now, this has an explanation. Adrenaline has shown variations along with postural changes of an individual. From standing to sitting, the adrenaline goes down by 2-3 times and lying down reduces the levels further.

    Drink enough water until your thirst center in the brain are satiated, as you tend to have a water and electrolyte imbalance. Add fibers to your diet, to help improve your gut motility.

    Relaxing exercises in the evening, before going to bed helps to relieve stress and sleep better.

It’s okay to express your emotions. Be it anger or anxiety, for its humanely. But it’s duration has to be shortened before you put yourself into any serious illness. Everyone has the right to attain the highest levels of health, so does you.