Inspiration is subtle!!

Coming up with a title which makes no sense to anyone, is my new experiment to bring out the grey areas of mine into a pocket of words that makes sense. So let me give it a try now.

Inspiration is at times indiscernible. We fail to throw away negativity even if we are pretty sure that it is not doing any good to us. We ponder upon what is debilitating us and we fail to get rid of it. Yes, ☑️ this means that we are not being moved by what is around us. We are so much stuck within our negative thoughts that we do not find a way out. When someone tries to make a difference you are finding a refutation that ’ it’s much easier when you have not gone through what I have been to’. So pulling out ourselves out of negativity isn’t any simple. People gone through it have a whole lot of explanations to be in that state.

What is it about negativity⁉️ You would know that it is harming you, being in your own ragged thoughts are not gonna do any good to you but, it is difficult to come out of it. Push them away anyways. Drift away from whatever has been troubling, close your eyes 👀 to the things that remind you of all that again. Those have all passed by. They are no longer yours.

Today you have with you, a new fresh day and trust that it is gonna be beautiful. You know that negativity is within and the exercise is to erase them. So trust in the beauty you have adorned. Unveil the abstractions that you have carried in with you. Let them speak and change your perception of life.


Never Too Old

This is all about connecting my yesterday to me more than a decade ago. I have been in search of the road to my happiness again, to go back to my childhood, toys, colors, and unlimited fun. Do we have to be kids to do all that we want? Have we all preloaded our brain with ’to-do for the adults’ and ‘only for kids’ things? Probably we all have. We have sealed our dreams of childhood into a box of blissful memories and we don’t want to add to it or we rather don’t try to.

Last week was my pre-finals time and I have been exhausted rushing through pages after pages and not finishing my lessons. The weary week also had my practical exams.

I had to give my PSM practical, last day. I had a Pediatrics case to present, a 3-year-old mischievous boy. While I was taking his history from his grandmother he was trying to grab everything I had, my answer booklet, my stethoscope, my instruments. After I was done with it, I was to examine the child. I started playing with the child to grab his attention. Very soon, I forgot it was my exam and I was lost in the child’s giggles and play.

Life is as simple as this. A 3-year-old boy who was no one to me made my day and pulled me out through all the exasperation. While I see the kid inside me regaining its birth, slowly, rendering me breezy, I could see my devil-may-care attitude growing inside. I choose to remain in unwoken, conceiving that I am not too old to be kiddish.

I am not too old to be kiddish.

As a child, I have always dreamt of growing up, being independent, talk about great matters, and do my chores alone. But now I find a mirage here. Going to my childhood is my new dream and to keep dreaming the same way.

May you all know this, no one is too old to be kiddish and to do things that you want to. Unleash your maturity. Adulthood is a chain at times, bounding you into an old hat. Liberate yourself and foster the mischievous kid in you.

Thank you for reading 🌸

Stepping out of Mediocrity

Has it been too late that we have forgotten to be ourselves? Are we all pushing through hours that haven’t been ours’ at all? Have you stopped pursuing your hobbies? Have you ever wondered what do you really want from your own self?

Well! Let me tell you about my side. It has been long that I have settled into a mediocre state of life set by the indiscernible power that has subdued me and maybe a few of you. I have been wrapped up in my books, college, and home as many of us out in the city. The same pathway that just leads to a destination, that many in the crowd have traveled, have amused me in the past. But now, it took me to go through a whole train of events, to realize that they are just places wherein roadmaps have been set and that is not what I wanted from myself.

I wanted to read, know things, learn more, more than my books, and grow and keep growing until I create a new roadmap to a new destination. As the fixity of my purpose has gained my own attention, my dreams have winged its way to its pursuit.

I have been a bit motivated by a short movie by Disney, Piper. It trails through the fear of water of a baby bird and her overcoming of the fear after she sees a group of hermit crabs digging into the sand to find food deeper and keep from being buffeted by the tide. The bird survived and have started loving what she did.

There have been a lot of such chunks of inspiration that have propelled me out of my boundaries of fear of failure. And now, I fear not of failing but of regret that would, at the age of thirty, forty, fifty, seventy, cripple me down into a debilitating self.

Thank you for reading🧡

Yearning for the Summit

Just disrupt your life to put everything back in its right place! Scary is it??? Yes, this one theory might be a bit scary for most of the people who have been through a lot of turmoil. This can be tried out when peace or your silence isn’t fixing anything. But take care, this whole exercise is not for people around you, but for yourself, to realize your capabilities, your dreams and finding out what have you been longing from yourself.

If you wake up today, not feeling good, you can’t jump out of your bed. You just feel that you are caged. You are caged in your own areas of restrictions. You are caged in a body that can not move around anymore, but you want to run, you want to fly with your own wings, you want to fall, get hurt, you want to give yourself that pump of energy to get up and start running again. But you still lay on your bed sad, dejected and broken. You can not cry or shout out loud.

Run through all of the good and bad moments of your life till date. You might have been overwhelmed by your success. You have then broken down at your failures. You might have been cheated by someone. You might have been hurt by your loved ones. Set them all aside. Those moments are no longer yours and they don’t exist anymore. So now get going.

Set new goals for yourself. Give yourself time to achieve it. Have the courage to come out of your comfort zone. What you want is definitely out of your comfort zone. Stop thinking too much, about what has not yet happened or what has already passed by. Your failures shouldn’t stop you from what you want, and your success shouldn’t either.

Find yourself flying in a few days, maybe more than a few days. Trust me, that joy is better than, being caged in your own comfort zone, and regretting to what you couldn’t be. So keep yearning for the summit.

Thank you for reading 🌺