Lockdown Impressions

Hello from this side, after a very long break. A lot more had happened in life, and I have achieved what I have been dreaming since a time I can not recall. Finally, I have come back to my hobby that I have always wanted to find time for.

As the news has already filled the air, our nation has gone for a complete lockdown for 21 days. Ironically, most of us are left with nothing to do for the next few days. Have we all been left deserted for a span?? Possibly yes. But do you realize the positivity that had just crammed into our lives all of a sudden? Maybe this is the longest leisure time that most of the professionals in our country would have run into. The time to be within the comforts of your home, spend quality time with your folks and do whatever you have always wanted to do. Amidst all the negativity manifesting across the globe, let us unravel our oversight and hope for better new sunshine at the end of all that is happening. So here goes…

Dropping down into your own thoughts and staying self-connected.

This has been a camouflage in most of our lives as we have established endless excuses for ourselves. We have been lying to ourselves and have deliberately set our souls aside amidst the hustles of our lives. And now we are at a time to unplug ourselves from this over-connected world and discover the hidden self. Definitely, your soul has a bunch to share.

When you have to connect to yourself, you may have to go back to your childhood remembrances. Imagine you had an ambition which you, unfortunately, could not pursue in your life. Or you wanted time to pursue a hobby which was overlooked for long. Go back to your child snapshots and bring the child back in you. Maybe then you realize, you have walked far from what you have dreamt of.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam quoted in his book, Learning how to fly, ” You can only be YOU! But the world around you is doing it’s best, day and night, to make you just like everybody else. “

But do you see the brighter side? The world who have been constantly changing you have averted now and there is silence in the air. Discover the impossible, overcome your fears, acquire knowledge, and let yourself out from the mediocrity of your life. Be your boss and do what you love ❤️ for a couple of days ahead.

Its Ok to Be a Human

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to fall, but it’s not okay to stop. Muneeba Mazari

Today, if you shout out loud, or cry out to your exhaustion, you are doing no harm. We are humans like any others. We have flesh and blood and a smashed soul, that reckons your good and bad. Days may pass which may not matter to you at all. You may have days when you do nothing but sit idly. Still, you are doing no harm. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes of the funeral pyre with renewed youth to live another cycle.

Let hope take birth anyway. There may be people who crush your confidence and you end up losing all your self-esteem. Have faith in yourself anyway, for they are no better than you. The cultured, proficient, expert has lived more years of arrogance, and trust me, they are no better than you. If they were, they wouldn’t have left you devastated. The wise will spread foresight, for they cause no destruction to any of the living being.

Count your blessings, for they can be countless. Look down to those who have lesser, you can count better. Widen your vision, as life is too short, shorter than your capabilities. You might run short of time if you had to live your life the way you wanted it when you start dreaming high. On the go, its okay to fail, fail again and again. Failures give you better lessons about the don’ts. And success gives you the numbness of all the tribulations that takes you there. There is home between success and failure, come back anyway.

Emotions are for humans, and to express is your right. Be it happiness, dejection, anger or anxiety, let your emotions flow, but the one that needs condensation is the longevity of the emotions. Come back soon to sanity, for it is the home of your soul.

Inspiration: The Unsurpassed Emotion

Having been done with 28 days after the birth of The Idealist, I have pushed in myself into the world of writing and creativity. Now, all I have to know is, Why Do I write? The answer from me though wasn’t spontaneous, was the best that I could ever find.

I write to voice the Unspoken words of mine.

I write to recreate the gleeful moments of my life, to read it over and over again, make them immortal. Indeed words do give them life and a scent of hope. I write to verbalize the emotions that are drawn a parallel with my experiences.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Benjamin Franklin

This threw into me, bits of optimism, after all, the turmoil and disruptions have seized me. It took me longer to decide what not to write rather than what to write. By and by I realized, people wouldn’t be happy to hear the same story from the other side. You and I would want to hear stories of victory, love, inspiration and the like. My conscience kindled me and I witnessed the evolution of vibrancy from the darkness.

Let the thrill of your passion overtake the pain of your heartbreak. Ravinder Singh

I have gone through days when the dawn and the dusk kept me away and the whole world traveled leaving me behind. I hid beneath my blanket and I did not want to see any light. It took me days to jump out of the uncomforting comforts of my bed and finally put my thoughts into action. I decided to write whatever I felt like writing after I realized that no piece of creativity is perfect.