Inspiration is subtle!!

Coming up with a title which makes no sense to anyone, is my new experiment to bring out the grey areas of mine into a pocket of words that makes sense. So let me give it a try now.

Inspiration is at times indiscernible. We fail to throw away negativity even if we are pretty sure that it is not doing any good to us. We ponder upon what is debilitating us and we fail to get rid of it. Yes, ☑️ this means that we are not being moved by what is around us. We are so much stuck within our negative thoughts that we do not find a way out. When someone tries to make a difference you are finding a refutation that ’ it’s much easier when you have not gone through what I have been to’. So pulling out ourselves out of negativity isn’t any simple. People gone through it have a whole lot of explanations to be in that state.

What is it about negativity⁉️ You would know that it is harming you, being in your own ragged thoughts are not gonna do any good to you but, it is difficult to come out of it. Push them away anyways. Drift away from whatever has been troubling, close your eyes 👀 to the things that remind you of all that again. Those have all passed by. They are no longer yours.

Today you have with you, a new fresh day and trust that it is gonna be beautiful. You know that negativity is within and the exercise is to erase them. So trust in the beauty you have adorned. Unveil the abstractions that you have carried in with you. Let them speak and change your perception of life.


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