About This So Called Idealist!!

I have been a bit obsessed with this phrase “Perfect Imperfections” that has popped up in front of me a couple of times ( Yeah, I do bother to take a look of all that). Somehow this phrase has managed to push in some extra blood into my carotids and has done its job and made its way to The Idealist !!

This is my first blog post, that have taken birth after a few vague calculations in my mind.

To begin with, I am a medical student, trying to find a home away from home, and currently is in the state of transformation of the normal girl in me into a healer.

If my endeavour to wake up someone’s inventiveness, give it a cup of innovation and make its way to formulation,triumph over, the indolence and anguish that have put me into turbulence in the past few days would come into tranquility.🌸


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