10 Days and 10 Impressions:Day 2

#2 The unveiling of the dwellers of the streets.

How many times a day would have we all passed in front of a nomad, who would have probably asked us for money, or given us a gesture begging for food? Have we all thought, they should have had a job or why don’t they work and earn their livelihood? We might have also thought, they are quacks, and they do this as a part of a big Mafia. May be true or not. Anyway, some of us would have taken the time to think about it, some of us would have barely neglected them.

A couple of days back, these vagabond have created news, the first time in the history they have been spoken about. What a beautiful sight was it to see when mankind helps each other to exist. I gleefully realized that humanity has overrun the error-ridden past of this decade.

This happened in my state a couple of days back after the declaration of the state lockdown. When everybody has taken place in their homes, anticipating everything gets well soon, the wanderers were left stranded on the streets. This was when a group from the police force have decided to provide them food and take care of them. This is from a small state in the southern part of India 🇮🇳, called Kerala. This has propelled an impression into me, that have we been so insensitive that we have neglected them all the while? Maybe we have all run far from the so-called compassion and humanity.

When everything that we discuss today is about the Covid 19, let us not miss these pearls of insight, where people are trying to set us an example of compassion and teaching us not to leave any life unattended.

And let us all hope, we are gonna see a better planet after all the happenings around. Stay optimistic. ❤️

10 Days and 10 Impressions: Day 1

Hello from this side, after a very long break. A lot more had happened in life, and I have achieved what I have been dreaming since a time I can not recall. Finally, I have come back to my hobby that I have always wanted to find time for.

This is a 10-day challenge for myself, to remain consistent on my hobby. As the news has already filled the air, our nation has gone for a complete lockdown for 21 days. Ironically, most of us are left with nothing to do for the next few days. Have we all been left deserted for a span?? Possibly yes. But do you realize the positivity that had just crammed into our lives all of a sudden? Maybe this is the longest leisure time that most of the professionals in our country would have run into. The time to be within the comforts of your home, spend quality time with your folks and do whatever you have always wanted to do.

10 days and 10 impressions are to try and share 1 positive thought a day that runs through my senses. Amidst all the negativity manifesting across the globe, let us unravel our oversight and hope for better new sunshine at the end of all that is happening. So here goes…

#1 Dropping down into your own thoughts and staying self-connected.

This has been a camouflage in most of our lives as we have established endless excuses for ourselves. We have been lying to ourselves and have deliberately set our souls aside amidst the hustles of our lives. And now we are at a time to unplug ourselves from this over-connected world and discover the hidden self. Definitely, your soul has a bunch to share.

When you have to connect to yourself, you may have to go back to your childhood remembrances. Imagine you had an ambition which you, unfortunately, could not pursue in your life. Or you wanted time to pursue a hobby which was overlooked for long. Go back to your child snapshots and bring the child back in you. Maybe then you realize, you have walked far from what you have dreamt of.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam quoted in his book, Learning how to fly, ” You can only be YOU! But the world around you is doing it’s best, day and night, to make you just like everybody else. “

But do you see the brighter side? The world who have been constantly changing you have averted now and there is silence in the air. Discover the impossible, overcome your fears, acquire knowledge, and let yourself out from the mediocrity of your life. Be your boss and do what you love ❤️ for a couple of days ahead.

The Souvenir

Footsteps do follow me,

In the dark roads to my destiny

I choose not to turn back

But follow the aroma,

Spread by the outlandish flowers.

This place isn’t any new,

the same four rock pillars,

Where flowers hang down.

I know not, the color of it,

But the fragrance it spreads,

And waves my darkness away.

The fragrance wanes as time pass by,

Tossing me into darkness again.

I Ought to drag light into my way,

For destiny is waiting for me,

To barge in one day,

When I am done with my days,

Of hardships and wrath of the critic.

So I have ”Miles To go Before I sleep”

Social media, mental health, and strategies to avoid overusing it

This beautifully written and well-created post couldn’t stop me from reblogging it. One of the kinds that I was looking for.

Scarlett's BPD Corner

This is probably one of the most talked about issues right now. Most people love social media. Sharing pictures, liking, commenting. It feels like socializing. You get in touch with people that are far away or close by. It’s fun and a time waster. It’s addictive. Every notification is a dopamine spike. We get hooked and spend more and more time on it. Too tired to do something productive, it’s easy to just scroll through Facebook or Instagram.

It’s an artificial world, where everyone is happy and on their best behavior. Or not but we are always in PR mode. “Look at this beautiful place”, “Look at this wonderful food”. If you’re not in the best place right now, it’s better not to be on Facebook or other toxic social media sites.


At least here on WordPress, people get vulnerable. They talk about their victories, their defeats and everything in…

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